Lycra Fly Mask with Forelock Hole

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The Reinsman Lycra Fly Mask with Forelock hole is ideal for protecting horses from flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. Lycra fabric is form-fitting and naturally stretchy, allowing the fly mask to stay in place while avoiding restricting the horse's movement. Lycra is also breathable and provides up to 60% UV protection for your horse, helping keep them protected and cool during the hot summer months. The black mesh covering the ears and eyes is structurally stiff enough to hold its shape to avoid interfering with hearing or sight. The tab on the back of fly masks helps you pull the fly mask up and over the poll and down the neck and also makes removing the fly mask a breeze. Updated design that also includes a forelock hole to prevent mane tangles. The fly mask comes in a re-usable pod storage container that helps keep the fly mask clean and stored while not in use. Fly masks come in Small, Medium, and Large. Now available in fashion-forward prints to fit your style!

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